Green Teas

We offer a premium selection of matcha & green teas in single origin and blends.

Green teas are lightly oxidized, which is why their leaves retain a rich green color. There are two main methods used to produce these teas: steaming and pan-firing.

Steamed Japanese green teas tend to be brighter and more vibrant in color compared to pan-fired teas. Since green tea is less processed, it preserves most of the antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols that it contains naturally.

Enjoy the numerous benefits of the finest matcha & the best green tea in Dubai

Indulge in the finest quality teas from Tchaba Arabia. Made from carefully handpicked tea leaves, our exclusive selection of designer teas offers a decadent experience for those who love the rich, flavorful taste and aroma of tea.

Through a process that blends scientific innovation and classic tea-making traditions, we are able to preserve the numerous nutrients and powerful antioxidants of tea. Regularly drinking tea provides a wealth of health benefits, including prevention of most cancer diseases, weight loss, and lower risk of heart-related illness.

Harvested from some of the most renowned plantations in the world, from Japan and China, to India, Sri Lanka, and Kenya, we bring you the most superb products and tea-drinking experience. For more than a decade, the Tchaba brand has been concocting products that draw on the best qualities and health benefits of green tea, while recreating it specially to satisfy the local Arab palate.

A distinct 

A distinct tea experience only Tchaba Arabia can bring

Sooth your senses and ease away your worries while drinking a cup of Tchaba’s premium quality teas. Experience the difference in quality and aroma that our products bring when you visit some of the most elegant locations in Dubai. Our products are exclusively offered in boutiques in select hotels such as Sheraton, Kempinski, and JW Marriott.

Pick from our rich selection of products and enjoy the luxury of having it delivered to your doorstep. Perfect for your personal indulgence or as a gift for beloved family and friends, Tchaba’s premier selection of teas lets you experience a holistic and improved quality of life, one cup at a time.