Tchaba Tea

Welcome to the world of designer tea. All Tchaba products are carefully crafted using premium full leaf teas. A cup of Tchaba allows you to recapture time, sip by sip.

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We bring you an exclusive collection of designer teas, sourced from the best tea plantations across the globe. From single origin and blends, to vintage and herbal infusions, we offer an array of black, oolong, green, white and rooibos teas. Each variant is made specially to suit the local Arab palate, with its distinctly rich and strong flavors, and fragrant, relaxing aromas.

We offer the luxury of customising your very own private label.

Select from our Blended Teas

Our signature blends are composed of the best quality leaves and natural ingredients, such as fruits, herbs, and flowers. These blends are concocted to give a refreshing new twist to traditional flavors you have come to love. Treat your senses to a brand new teatime experience, every time you enjoy a cup of our signature blends.

Iced Teas

Rejuvenate your body and spirit with designer iced teas created and only offered by Tchaba Arabia. Savor each cooling sip, together with your family and friends.

Designer Teaware from Cristina Re

Enhance the teatime experience by complementing your favorite tea with elegant teaware and accessories from Cristina Re, the iconic and internationally renowned Australian artist and designer.

The Tchaba Experience

Tchaba is available in Sava Boutiques across Dubai.

Sava Boutique is a unique hotel lobby lounge retail concept, featuring our complete line of teas, beautiful collection of teaware and accessories and exclusive beverages. Guests are treated to a memorable experience with the creative introduction of tea blends.

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